Saturday, August 15, 2009

When Tanner went to the Infusion Center yesterday morning, his lab work had changed radically overnight and the PA said it indicated that there was an infection of some kind going on in his body.  They ran a bunch of blood cultures and a nasal swab and are checking for any blood infections, respiratory infections, pneumonia, or a lung fungus.  It will be 24 to 48 hours before they get the results.  In the meantime, they gave him an IV infusion of a broad spectrum antibiotic to attack any infection that might be happening.

I talked to him last night and he told me he was feeling better than he had in days so I guess the antibiotic has helped out with whatever was going on.  

His Granny Jane made it to Little Rock and brought him a new lap top that she and Pop Jerry bought for him and last night Janet text messaged me that he was very engrossed in his new "toy" and that he had eaten a very good lunch and wanted to know what was for supper.  Having an appetite is a good sign that he is feeling better!

I took my car to the Mitsubishi Dealership here in Fort Worth and had the air conditioner fixed.  Before I arrived my boss, Bruce, went to the Dealership and talked to one of the managers and explained to them what my family is going through and they took $300 off their bill!  As Bruce said, it makes you feel better about your fellow man when a business is willing to do something like that for a stranger.  

Tanner, myself, and our family have been touched so much by the kindness of family, friends, and even strangers over the past few weeks.  The donations for Tanner's Medical Fund have been coming in daily from the PIE agents - and family and friends - and I can't even begin to express our appreciation.  It has taken some of the stress off worrying how we are going to survive over the next few months while living in Little Rock and maintaining our homes in Fort Worth.  Thank you to each and every one of you!!

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  1. Tanner, you are a real hero. Being here with you these few days have just reinforced what I have always known about are sensitive, kind, courteous, thoughtful, giving, appreciative, and loving. You also have been blessed with a family that cares and loves you so much and God loves you too. You are one of the lucky people who knows this.
    I am sitting here in the Dixon Waiting Room while your Dad and Janet are back there with you while you get your treatment and I am using your new laptop to type you this note. How cool is that!!!