Monday, August 10, 2009

I am so tired. My head hurts and I just feel exhausted. I think it's just my nerves. We don't really do that much, basically just go to the hospital about 2-1/2 hours each day. Tanner told me last night that I looked nearly as bad as he does. Hah! He knows how to make his mom feel better.

I went to the store this morning and got the risers to put under the couch so Tanner won't have so far to rise when he gets off the couch but the darn thing is so heavy there's just no way I can put them all under the legs by myself. I got two of them under the legs, but couldn't lift up the other end by myself to get them inserted.

Tanner's dad and step-mom are going to try and come up here Wednesday so maybe Tim can get them under the couch for us. If somethings happens with his job to where he can't come, I'm sure I can get Aunt Tencey's son-in-law to help us out. At least I know they will fit.

If Tim and Janet get to come, I think I'm going to run back to Fort Worth for a few days. I need to go into the office and if I can, I need to get the air conditioner fixed on my car. Nancy (who I work with at PIE) has a friend who works on cars and he's checking prices for me.

I think it's going to be hard for me to leave Tanner this first time. You know how us mom's are when it comes to our babies. He told me last night I should go home for a few days while he's still feeling pretty good and, oh by the way, while you are there you can get my computer games and bring them back with you? I'm sure I will worry more being away from him than he will miss me while I am gone.

I was helping him back to the couch last night and he stopped and asked me for a hug. It's times like that when he truly touches my heart.


  1. Just sitting here working and thinking about you Angie. You're always Mrs. Sunshine and so caring and competent. You're really missed but Tanner has to be #1 in your life and I do believe we'll get passed this before too long. You're obviously tough because this all would have drained me dry. Yeah, I just have to go on with love and a prayer in your heart. Y'all are in our hearts here in Richmond ( mine, Jo's, and the whole church group)......everyday!


  2. We wish we could take the stress out of your days. Maybe this verse will help.

    God Can Move Your Mountain

    When things seem so impossible
    And Life's so hard to bear,
    God can move your mountain
    Before you reach despair.

    He'll never leave you or forsake you
    Trust Him all the way.
    Be anxious, then, for nothing
    And never cease to pray.

    So keep on climbing higher,
    Be patient while you wait.
    For God is never early
    And also never late.

    "The God of my rock; in Him will I trust:
    He is my shield and the horn of my salvation...."
    2 Sam. 22:3

    We love you so much. I know Tim and Janet are anxious about getting up there to see you. It is very hard for them to not be there to help carry the load. God's blessing upon all of you,
    Granny Jane and Pop Jerry