Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tanner received a call today from the clinic that his lab work indicated that he was ready to move to the collection phase of his treatment so we went this afternoon and had the new Quentin Catheters put in and the Triple Lumen Lines removed.

We go to the new clinic in the morning at 7:00 a.m. and the collection process will be started. I will let you know how that whole process works tomorrow.

He's a little uncomfortable at this point with his chest hurting where they put in the new larger tubes but the nurse assures us that this collection process should only takes 2 or 3 days, and then they will remove the Quentin Catheters and put back in the smaller Triple Lumen Lines.

He had an MRI performed today and the next PET scan will be done on Friday afternoon. We will meet with Dr. Barlogie at the end of the month and we should get the results on how Tanner's lesions compare now to before treatment started and hopefully they will be able to give us a clearer picture of the extent of treatment that Tanner will still need to go through. The PA did inform Tim and Janet that his initial dose of chemotherapy was mild (and that he responded well to it) and his second round will be a whole lot stronger and will be much rougher on Tanner. Something to look forward to...

Tanner's grandfather, Kerry, drove in from Abilene, Texas yesterday and stayed the night with Tim, Janet and Tanner at the apartment and they all got to spend some time together before heading back home today. I know that they were all sad to leave but Tanner tells me he had a great time with his dad and Janet this last week. If treatment is going to go on for up to six months, it's good that we can all take turns staying in Arkansas and spending time with Tanner.

Tanner talked his dad into trimming his hair before they left and though Tim kept telling him he wasn't a barber, he did a great job on Tanner's mohawk. The nurses at the clinic even commented on how good the hawk looked!

This evening we went to my aunt's house in Benton and had a nice healthy dinner. Sarah Catherine, a seventeen year old girl that my aunt used to babysit, was over and if Tanner is still feeling well, they are planning on going to the movies Friday night with some of her friends. It's great that he is meeting some young people here in Arkansas and will have someone to do something with when he's feeling well, and also maybe someone to talk to when he's not feeling so good.

I will check back in tomorrow and let you all know how the collection process goes. 7:oo a.m. will be here before you know it so I think it's time to hit the air mattress!

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  1. The haircut looks "hawkish." Glad you got to visit with your Grandpa Kerry. We are looking forward to hearing the results of your PET scan and the MRI. I just know they will be good reports. I know that things are moving so fast there they sometimes it seems like a whirlwind. This is good because too much down time gives us too much time to think and "imagine" things that aren't even there. So keep your spirit high, your thoughts positive and your heart loving and you will do just fine. We love you, Granny and Pop