Saturday, August 8, 2009

This is probably going to be a fairly short update today. I am so exhausted and have such a headache I am going to see if maybe I can lay down for a little bit.

Let me start by saying that Tanner received his goody box from Kevin, Joan, Bernadette, Richie, Dyana, and Ryan and he and Aunt Tency's grandkids really enjoyed opening the package and playing with the contents. The rubics game occupied them for quite a while and the folder with the picture of Tanner out on the boat is gracing the entertainment center at the apartment. Thank you all so much!

Last night was Tanner's first night with the 24 hour chemo bag attached to him and the alarm sounded several times. He would turn over in his sleep and the lines would get kinked and set the alarm off. We would have to straighten out the lines and the alarm would quit but the next thing you knew, it would be going off again.

We went to the Cancer Center today to have lab work and his chemo medications changed out and the nurse taped the lines together in an effort to help diminish the alarms when Tanner is sleeping. We will see how it goes tonight. Hopefully both of us will get a little more sleep.

Several people have asked me to post the information for the bank account set up by my employer for Tanner's medical expenses - and I have to admit I feel really hesitant doing this. I don't want it to seem like I'm asking for anything but I've been assured that there are several people who would like to make small donations and that the best way to get the information out to them is to post it on Tanner's blog:

Bank of America
Payable To: Tanner Walker Medical Fund
Account Number: 488023075647

Or checks can be mailed to:

Professional Insurance Elite
6300 Ridglea Place, Ste 1111
Fort Worth, TX 76116

Again, I just want to thank everyone for all the love and support. Tanner was online earlier today and was reading all the comments. He really liked the comments on the meaning of a Mohawk haircut. He is, in fact, a warrior.

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  1. What a wonderful thing Bruce has done with the setting up of the account. Will help tremendously. Pop Jerry said he thinks you are the bravest young man he has ever been around and he loves you very much Tanner. You know I love you too. "Our Daily Bread" quote today is "God chooses what we go through; we choose how we go through it." You have been given a heavy burden to endure but never forget God and your family is walking with you step by step. We feel your pain through our hearts. You will win!! XXXOOO Granny Jane and Pop Jerry