Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hey everyone its me.. im kinda tired right now thinking of taking a nap. A while ago we ate out at a rib joint called Famous Daves.. Its was really good, especially since the waitress was real pretty. LOL at the end of the meal they have this comment form and I made it pretty clear that i thought she was cute. Even put my number on it HAHA... But anyways im goin to get off here and most likely take a nap before i eat dinner. ummm Sure smells good through the air in the house right now. So thanks again for all the love and strength you all give to me... I appreciate it so much..!!!!!!!!!!


  1. girls girls girls! haha! Im glad ur happy! much love julie

  2. Glad you are getting around and scoping out Little Rock. Send pictures of the apartment when you get settled. Our Daily Bread quote for today is "My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation, in secure dwellings and in quiet resting places." Jerry and I sure love you guys. God's blessings. Granny

  3. Hey Tanner,

    I will send you a stick to beat the women off if you need it...

    Have a look at Brandi's Baby (coming soon): http://gallery.me.com/chrisdebjones#100228

    Chris & Debbie

  4. I noticed that the url for Brandi's Baby video is not a link so you may need to copy and paste it... Sorry


  5. Just checking again and beaming you love and joy. I've been through similar tribulations and I know how rough things can be. At least you have a Famous Dave's near there. We have one here in Richmond and it IS soooooo good. I still have an unyielding feeling that things are under control there and will work out very well...........in time. Yes, obviously it will take a while but you have so many good friends and family to help you get there. Hang in there.........we're with you!

  6. Tanner from what I have heared today I know it has been a real pain, I'm sorry you have to go thru this in order to get better. Just try your hardest to keep your spirits up and I told your mom to let you get grumpy if need be :) I got a letter today from Trev and he says " I know there is not much I can do while I'm in here but I feel like I should be there to look out for my lil bro, all I can do is pray and hope for the best. I am glad that his spirits are like they are. He's a soldier." That is exactly what I told your mom today you are now a warrior. It is going to be bad for a while but we have all the conformation in the world that is will get better and you will be cured. If the Lord has brought you to this place in life, he with bring you through it. I am a firm believer in that. I love you and your mom soooo much.
    Much Love