Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dinner with Aunt Tency didn't work out today. They called her into work this morning and she didn't get off until 4:30 p.m. She thought her daughter Julie and grandkids would be at her house but when we got there, they had left to run an errand. Julie and I didn't have each other's phone numbers so we couldn't call each other to let the other know what was going on.

On the way to Benton, my car air conditioner froze up (the dealership told me that I needed to change my sensors but that until I can get the money together, I can just run it on low - but it froze up anyway) and we had to turn it off and let it thaw out. By the time we got to Aunt Tencey's house Tanner was almost sick from the heat and I felt it was best to just get him back to the apartment. Hopefully, we will get to see them later this week.

Aunt Tencey called last night and said that some of the teenagers that Tanner met at her house last week had called to see if he wanted to go and do something, but by now, the chemo is starting to affect his energy level. I had to tell her we would just have to play it by ear and see how he's doing.

Sometimes, he seems like he's doing pretty good, and then his energy drops pretty quickly and he just wants to get to the couch at the apartment and not leave to go anywhere else.

I told him about an email I got from Joan telling me that she and Kevin have a jar that they are putting their change in thats for "Tanner's Cruise Fund". He was really touched - and excited! He told me we should do the same thing. LOL!

I want to thank you all once again for all the comments, emails, texts, cards, gifts and calls. For picking up the mail, watering my flower bed, taking care of my lawn, processing my licensing, helping with the rent, making donations to Tanner's medical funds, and the list goes on. Everyone has touched us all in their own way and we love you all!


  1. hey stubor turd i miss u son sorry didnt talk 2 u all day left phone at tha house and was at church literally all day oh ya im n choir son...shut up i know u laghin but text me 2mro son been prayin 4 u

  2. I left some messages on the last few days blogs. im sorry ur having a rough time, both of u. i know big grannie and grandma judy are thinking about u and praying for u (they told me to tell u that), u know grandma judy's a little rusty with the computer. thinking about ya'll. much love julie

  3. Hugs from Granny Jane and Pop Jerry