Saturday, August 22, 2009

its tanner

hey everyone, i love all the cards and support im getting from everyone. thanks alot from everbody who has sent a card or just left a comment on here. after all this cancer is dealt with i was planning on going on a cruise but not really sure now, might just go down to the coast and catch some good ole fish off the peer or maybe in the surf... that would be nice to do after a stressful fight with cancer dont you think? i know i sure do. but all of my family i will say i can't wait to see u all. in time i'm sure i will get around to seeing everyone but until then i'm stuck up here with these bossy doctors lol. they tell me they need a test and snap their fingers and im off. lol -guess thats how it is when u get an illness like this. you basically have to just hand your life over to someone you hardly know and hope they know what they are talking about. but the only thing we can do is hope and just ask a butt load of questions. that has been working out pretty good so far. but once again thanks to everyone for keeping me strong and following my journey to get rid of this crap inside of me that needs to move on and die and dont come back. love ya and thanks....

tanner w. :)


  1. It would be fun to get a big beach house and fish down at the coast. More people could probably go as well. Glad to see you are in good spirits today. Love your picture!!! I truly feel your doctor knows exactly what he is doing and he is going fast because he knows how you teenagers don't like to hang in one place for long.....right? I have lots of people I know who read your blog every day even though they might not be signed up to comment. Took me forever to figure that out....LOL Can't remember if I have done this Daily Bread quote or not; however, it is a good one to remember....."God's Word is the healer; the comfort, the strength, To fill your heart's need, giving food for your soul; Instead of exhausting all sources you find, O taste the Lord's goodness for making you whole." We love you Tannerboy. Pop Jerry told me to tell you he is losing his hair fact he has already lost a lost of it....ha ha I heard a really good speaker the other day. He said every night his daddy told him to throw one of his shoes way up under the bed. That way every morning he would start the day off on his knees. Amen
    Hugs and Kisses, Granny and Pop

  2. Tanner its great to see you in such high spirits! I know you are just going with the flow and letting the doctors and nurses direct you in your every move, but I have all the confidence in the WORLD that this treatment will work and then you will be able to move on to all your dreams you have in life and don't forget the vacations you seem to be cooking up :) You are a true inspiration to all of us. Bella and Sofia were talking the other day in the back seat while we were going some where, I acted like I was not paying attention and Bella said if I had a wish it would be that Tanner and Angie will be okay and can come home soon, Of course Sofi's wish was about dogs and cats !!! You know Sofia is a nutt!!! Josue says Hi and that he misses you both. Hope you can have some fun while your down there with these girls just not to much fun ok ? We love and miss you both.
    Much Love,

  3. I love the hat.How did was your night last night? I am glad to hear that you got to hang out with some younger people. How many numbers did you get..LOL. We were looking for shirts yesterday for you. Ronnie wants to get you a good one but I don't think you will be able to wear it to the hospital. I am trying to find one that says the point in a better way.I am glad to hear from you on here also. I check it everyday sometimes more if you have a busy one. and read it out loud. Put a pic on when you shave your head Caleb had to get rid of his hawk for school. He asked yesterday if you had yours still. We are all thinking and praying for you.Can't wait to get together..see you soon

  4. Hey Tanner
    You are such a survivor and are really staying strong. I would love to meet your Doctor. He sounds like a real character.

    I would rather go fishing down at the coast too. That way your whole family could go and have an awesome time together. That could be the beginning of a yearly tradition. You sure have great ideas.

    We love you and still think about you and pray every day.

  5. Tanner, Dude where do i start? I sit here and think about all that you are going through and cant bring myself to fully believe that its happening to you.But i know the type of person you are and i know you wont let this win. It doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell. for about the past week i have been thinking of getting you a shirt but Angela says that if i get one it has to be pg-13.The one i wanted said "I HAVE CANCER SHOW ME YOUR BOOBS, or F**K CANCER" I don't see the big deal do you? but anyways dude i hear that you have all the hot nurses around your little finger*fist bump*.Keep up the good work and your head held high.You will get through this. I love y'all

    P.S sorry for all the bad grammar it never was my strong point.ask mom she can tell you.