Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sorry for the delay in getting Tanner's update posted today. I had to finish posting commissions for my work and the silly Internet connection through the cable has been "intermittent" today. Very frustrating...

Tanner had a good time with the girls at the movies last night and really liked Inglorious Basterds. Not a commentary on anyone, but the name of the movie that they went to see. He says that it was really funny.

Today we went to see District 9 and he REALLY liked that movie. Knowing that if the Stem Cell Transplant is performed this week, he won't be able to be around very many people for a while, we went to lunch with my aunt and her family and then went to the movies.

Tomorrow morning he has an appointment at 7:45 a.m. for another bone marrow aspiration. I think I'm dreading it even more than Tanner. He has it in his mind that he can make them take the draws from his left side (since it is less painful than drawing from the right side) but I'm afraid they are going to make him take it from the right since they drew from the left last time - and didn't get very many spicules. In fact, I think the only reason he is having to do another aspiration at this time, is because they didn't get enough spicules last time. The RN who performed the procedure told us he thought the reason he didn't have very many spicules was because he had so many aspirations performed in such a short time -- and now here we go again.

Las night, by the time the movie was over and he got back to my aunt's house, his hair was hurting him pretty badly. He was so uncomfortable, he couldn't even stand to wear his hat. We got back to the apartment and got the clippers out and went ahead and buzzed his head. He felt better after we got the hair off and said that it had actually felt painful; like the hair really needed to come off.

We are just waiting now for the little bit of hair that is left to come on off. Luckily, Tanner looks good with or without hair - and looks good in hats and bandanna's!

Thanks to you all for your comments on Tanner's post yesterday. He loves reading your comments and your support really makes him feel better. Thank you all!

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  1. Tannerboy: You look fabulous with your hair buzzed. You are one of those people who can have hair or no hair and still be good looking. So you have no worries in that department. We are so glad you have been able to get out to the movies and visit with friends. Let us know if there is something special you want to put on your head. There is a Harley shop there in Little Rock also. They have really cool do-rags. We love you and we know God is watching over you and your family. Our prayers continue for you and all those that are suffering in this world. Heart love to you, Granny and Pop