Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tanner, me, Janet (his step-mom), and his dad have been here in Little Rock all week and today found out we could make a quick trip home. The doctor realized there was a little procedure that needed to be taken care of before chemo starts so they have delayed treatment until Monday afternoon. Tanner wanted to get home so we jumped in the car and ran back to Fort Worth last night. I'm washing clothes and then we can pack properly and head back to Arkansas tomorrow afternoon.

This initial treatment is going to take a month and then they will see how Tanner looks at that time and decide if he can come home for a few weeks or if he needs another round of chemotherapy. Once they have "melted" all the cancer, they will start the growth hormone therapy so that his body will start producing new bone marrow and they will start aspirating and cryogenically freezing it so that they can eventually put the new baby marrow back in his body.

After looking at the Gene Array that was ran on Tanner, Dr Barlogi tells us that Tanner is low risk for the cancer to reoccur and the he can "cure" Tanner. We all know that Tanner has some rough time ahead of him with the aggressive chemotherapy that is coming, but are relieved to now have the knowledge that the doctor will be able to cure Tanner.

At this time, he's in his room playing X-Box 360 for all he's worth and said it felt good to sleep in his own bed last night. Personally, I'm still exhausted and am hoping I will sleep better tonight before getting back on the road tomorrow.

We love and appreciate you all.


  1. Tanner and Angie, I will be coming home tomorrow afternoon and looking forward to seeing Sunday night. Call me and we are excited for your treatment to start.

    Uncle Doyle and Aunt Suzy send their love. Call any of us, anytime.

    Love and hugs, Aunt Mary

  2. I am so happy for you Tanner!!!! And your wonderful mom!!!Love ya both,LaJuana

  3. I just knew it! I do have "feelings" sometimes and I've just felt that he was destined to be fine and to resume a normal life (whatever that is). Dr. Barlogi says he can cure Tanner. They do NOT just say that! God bless you Angie, Tanner, and rhe whole family. I've felt very positive about this all along. ~whew~ It's going to be just fine! :o)


  4. Hi Tanner and Family ---- Big Grannie and I are glad to hear the good news. We know you are going to do fine. We miss you and hope we will see you real soon. We Love You and send our prayers daily.
    Aunt Judy and Big Grannie

  5. Tanner and Angela. I pray for a safe trip for you today as you make your way back to Little Rock. Tanner, I know you are going to have a difficult time for the next several weeks, but I also know how strong you are in mind and spirit. When you are feeling really bad keep in mind that this is temporary - it is not forever. Try real hard to concentrate on the good things ahead for you in life. If you weren't so tall I would gather you up and rock you like I did when you were just a little boy. Just like I did your dad. You know I love you with all my heart. I would gladly take your place right this minute. I will see you soon. Anytime you or your mom needs me all you have to do is call.