Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They disconnected the chemo bag yesterday so Tanner had a day of rest from all the meds. Now today he starts the growth therapy shots twice a day. The nurse said he will start feeling the aches in his bones pretty quickly - usually within a day.

His dad and stepmom (Tim and Janet) are coming today and the plan is for me to leave this afternoon and run back to Fort Worth for a few days. Of course, now I worry about leaving him when he's starting a new phase in his treatment but I know how I am, I will always worry about leaving him and there will never be "a good time". I know he's excited and ready to see his dad, Janet, and Granny Jane (who is coming up for the weekend) and I know they are anxious to see him too.

I've been working at the kitchen table at the apartment and have turned it into my "office away from office". I'm grateful every day for the people at PIE who are supporting me by helping with my job in Fort Worth (thank you Alicia, David, and Nancy) and allowing me to work remotely while we take care of Tanner here in Little Rock. I know if I worked just about anywhere else, I wouldn't have been set up with a way to work from long distance and would have ended up losing my job. I thank God every day for Pat and Bruce. I don't know what I would have done if they hadn't allowed me this chance to continue working while being with Tanner at the same time.

When the other patients tell us to plan on being here at least six months (with maybe a few weeks time to go home and "rest"), I still worry about how long we are going to have to actually be here and how we will get by. But the doctors in Fort Worth admitted to me that since they don't see this cancer in people his age, they didn't know how to treat him.

I know that this is the best place for Tanner and I just have to try and push the worries away and trust that things will work out. Six months is nothing in the grand scheme of Tanner having a long and healthy life.


  1. Hi Ya'll. Glad you got rid of the backpack Tanner. I am so proud of you Tannerboy. You have kept your positive attitude and are a true "warrior" through all of this. None of us know what our journey through life will be or what mountains we will have to climb, but we can control the way we handle them. Our Daily Bread today is "We see in part; God sees the whole." I love you guys and I will see you Friday.
    Granny Jane and Pop Jerry

  2. Hi superman! thats what Im going to call u from now on! I've been talking to the n.p. for one of h.o docs she is the greatest! she has some ideas of some programs for u guys that are specific to texas, (grant and other monetary programs) that she thinks u guys will qualify for. one is called the hero grant I think thats perfect for u. she will get all the info specifics for me by monday! the hero grant is'nt a whole lot of money but its sure to help! How is Ak? Whats it like? Ive never been is it green and pretty? Any word from the waitress? Haha much love! eat lots of cake! julie