Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tanner's white blood count has bottomed out and he no longer has an immune system. Janet tells me you wouldn't be able to tell from Tanner's attitude and appetite. She said he still seems to feel much better than he has in days and is doing great.

Until the white blood cell count comes back up, he will have to wear a mask to protect himself from picking up any bugs.

His Granny Jane has been in Little Rock with him since Friday and will head back to Texas Monday afternoon. I'm sure she will hate to leave him behind but has really enjoyed getting to spend some time with him.

Tim and Janet have also enjoyed their time with him and as Tanner told me last night when he called, they aren't ready to come back home yet. So, I'm going to go back into the office tomorrow and will wait until Monday evening or Tuesday morning to head back to Arkansas.

I'm anxious to get back to him and hope that he's still feeling better when I arrive in Little Rock.


  1. HI Superman! I'm glad ur not feeling too bad. On the bright side with u having to be in a wheelchair, I bet ur arms are beefing up! chic's dig that..So u got a computer. Sweet! u need to start up a facebook, grandma judy, jane, tammy, my mom they all have one. have any of the cultures come back? have u had a fever? U are missed! Big Gannie and Ganny Jane want to have a party for u when u go home, she said i could help plan it! Yea! Sounds like trouble. hee hee. I kid I kid much love julie

  2. Hey, Tanner! Sounds as if there is a party brewing for you soon. Hope we old folks can keep up with you all. It will be a sign you are better when the mask is gone. Big Granny loves you, I love you, everyone loves you. You are a tough guy. Wished we could take away your pain. We have daily prayers for you. Blessings, Aunt Judy