Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Channel 33 did a short story last night regarding some of Tanner's trials over the last several months.


Thank you to those of you who have reached out to offer us your good wishes.

Tanner is an amazing young man who has maintained a positive attitude through the nightmare of being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and through all the sickness he has endured while undergoing some of the most gruelling and aggressive chemotherapy that anyone could have experienced.

This last week, we have found that the reporters interview for hours and then condense the information down to one or two minutes and you never know what they are going to actually report. When asked who inspires him to keep fighting while going through all these treatments, Tanner said that he thinks every day of the battle that his cousin Kelson fought with cancer and that it helps him to be stronger.

He also thinks of his cousin Beth and the battle she has fought with her Moyamoya and is so grateful she was able to come home for Christmas and spend some time with us these holidays.

While in Arkansas, Tanner and I have had many long conversations and I can tell you, he thinks of the battles that Kelson and Beth fought with their diseases and they both inspire him to be as strong as he can when facing a future with Multiple Myeloma.

As he told the reporter yesterday, he did get what he wanted for Christmas; he is in full remission and was able to come home and spend time with the family and friends that he loves.

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  1. The greatest gift any of us can receive is the Grace of God. He has given you remission and I thank Him. My mission is to share His love, grace and hope to all that I encounter. Think of all the amazing people you have met since being diagnosed with cancer. You are in such a unique place where you can help others receive God's grace too. All you got to do is accept Jesus Christ as your savior and believe. Believe in the impossible, the unimaginable, the truth and the glory that can come into your life when you ask Him.
    You are on a positive path in your life and I am so proud of you. You are my hero and Pop and I love you with all our being. Hugs, Granny and Pop