Saturday, December 5, 2009

The DEX is finished and the chemo bag has been disconnected! You can already tell that Tanner is feeling better.

I wouldn't quite say he's his "old" self because he's still pretty quiet, but he wanted to go out to eat after we finished at the clinic today. He wanted a salad from Chili's before he get's neutropenic and can't have lettuce anymore.

We've talked quite a bit the last couple of days with some more of our neighbors at the apartments, Sandy and Rich Allen. They seem very nice and Sandy has been going through treatment here in Little Rock since 2007. She understands Tanner's frustration with the length of treatment and has been very encouraging to him. Tanner said maybe when he and Sandy are both feeling a little better, we could all go out to eat together.

He's feeling so much better he wants to use the computer this evening so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. It's been a much better day and we are both so grateful that the chemo for this round is through!!!

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  1. The DEX is finished and the chemo bag is gone....YEA!! I know that is a spirit uplifter.
    I still can see you sitting at my dinner table when you were two years old eating salad, vegetables, etc. Only kid I know who would walk in my door and ask if I had any broccolli. Whenever you are cojming over Pop says, "Better run to the grocery and get some fruit and veggies." Remember that Christmas when you ate a huge bowl of fruit before dinner!! Then you ate a huge dinner.
    Anxious to hear what Drs. Barlogie and Nochols has to say this week. Praying for a SHORT cast. SHORT SHORT SHORT
    Keep your faith and remember Jesus loves you and so do we. Granny and Pop