Saturday, December 12, 2009

There's not much to post today. We went in to the clinic at 8:00 a.m. this morning and according to the numbers from yesterday's labwork, he's now neutropenic again. Hopefully he will hit bottom this weekend and will start back up so we can head home some time next week.

It's cold and rainy here in Little Rock and Tanner isn't in a talkative mood so it's been pretty quiet. We just got through watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and now he's burning CD's.

We saw our friend John Regan and his daughter Cindy at the Myeloma Clinic yesterday. He wasn't supposed to have to come back to Arkansas until January but the day after he got home, he started with a rash and fever and they had to put him in the hospital for three days. I talked to his wife Lauren a few days ago and she said he was so sick and weak he could hardly even walk to their table. They contacted Dr. Barlogie's office and he wanted them to get John back down here as soon as they could.

Tanner and I were sitting in the waiting room at the MIC yesterday when Tanner said he saw them bring John through. He said he was having to lean on two people and they took him straight back into the clinic without having to wait. When I saw Cindy a few minutes later, she took me back to see him. He looks so bad that it was scary. He told me that he lost twenty more pounds since he'd left to go home. He still sounded like the same old John though and he and Tanner had an opportunity to visit and laugh for a few minutes. He likes to tease Tanner for "showing off" since John started treatment a week before he did and now Tanner is "ahead" of him.

Cindy called today and said they saw Dr. B for about thirty seconds yesterday and he made things "start happening". They saw an infectious disease doctor for over two hours last night and they say they think he had a drug reaction that has evolved into a GI infection. They are treating all of this with massive doses of steroids. Dr. B told John he was in good shape as far as the Multiple Myeloma goes; now they just need to treat the infections and skin rash.

The doctor's at home had been trying to treat all of this for weeks, but I tell you, most of the regular oncologists just don't know multiple myeloma. I've come to the conclusion that if we are at home and Tanner has any difficulties at all, I will immediately notify MIRT just to be on the safe side. They just have all of this so fine tuned between all the doctors and all the specialties at UAMS and seem to be ready for any eventuality.

We met a couple at the MIC this morning who were telling Tanner and I that the husband has been coming to see Dr. Barlogie for eleven years now and that he's lived as normal a life as possible (for a MM patient) and has continued to work and travel the world all these years. He told Tanner to just trust in Dr. B and try to do everything he recommends.

We meet new people every day at the clinic and you never know what kind of story you are going to hear. One thing for sure, whenever anyone sees Tanner and how young he is, they always want to hear his story.

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