Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's been a pretty good day. Tanner has felt well all day and even had me hook up his X-Box 360 for the first time since we've been here this trip. He only played for a little over an hour but at least he seems in much better shape than he's been in since we started this round of chemo

I was warming up some of the soup I made yesterday for supper and he asked if I would go out and get him some more tacos. You always know Tanner feels better when he wants his tacos.

His white blood count was around a 2 yesterday so he was considered neutropenic. Today it has risen over a 9 and his platelets are 125 (they have to be 50 or more to be able to go home). I'm sure what has brought his numbers up so high is that they started giving him the growth factor shots on Sunday.

The PA said his numbers might still drop back down again because patients usually hit their lowest on day 10 (starting the day chemo starts). Day 10 for Tanner will be Friday. But, she said since the chemo was at 70% normal strength and as young as Tanner is and as quickly as he has historically recovered, he might not drop back down very much lower.

If his numbers stay stable around where they are right now, he could be very well released much earlier than we figured. He and I both are not counting on that because one thing we've learned these last several months, is you don't know what each day will bring.

We are just both grateful he had a good day today - and hope they continue.

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