Wednesday, December 2, 2009

well... its almost xmas..

Not too many people can say they have just about everything they could possibly want, and i do.. Im very proud to be able to say that.. I want things to be as easy as possible this xmas so this is how im going to do it..

If you want to get me a gift, its fine with me but im not going to say anything or im not going to post what i would want this xmas.. instead im going to say that id like to just be given money.. lol i know what alot of people are thinking. and that is that he doesnt need money but i do.. well its what id prefer this xmas instead of a gift.. but i dont want to hurt anyones feelings about wanting to get me a gift thats why im going to say that money is just as good as a gift to me.. and the main reason i want money this xmas is bc its practically the only way i can get money...

im going to put this money i get this xmas in my savings account that way in the near future when i get back on my feet ill be further ahead than where im at right... my plans of life had been changed when i broke my leg and found that i had cancer.. it post poned everything i was planning which is not too much... i was planning on having saved enough money by the time i turn 18 to be able and move somewere with a good buddy of mine.. his name is tyler i met him while i was attending cross timber academy.. but i never associated with him much out of school bc of one reason that i am upset with myself for doing... which was not associating with him because he simply didnt mess with drugs, and i did so i had a phone call the other day and it was from him. he asked me how id been and he didnt know at all what has happened and the treatment i am undergoing... but he asked me if i wanted to move out together with him.. i told him i wont be able to support myself for a good while and he told me not to worry that if i wanted to really move out with him that he would wait till i get in full remission and till i can stand on my own two feet again.. idk why he wants to move out with me.. i wasnt really a good friend to him if you ask me or at least not out of school... but in school i was a good friend or always allowed him to talk to me and stuff like that.. but he told me that he just remembers how good of partners we always were in the class we had together.. we sat next to one another when we could have partners its was him and i.. so i guess he just thinks im a good guy and a reliable one which i am i think.. but at the moment i cant do anything for myself really except push through this treatment and hurry up and get back to my life... i think sometime after im in full remission and after i have turned 18 and am able to keep myself up and making a income monthly which shouldnt be too hard.. i mean i almost had myself a job right before all this took a toll on my life and has changed it forever.. but anyways i guess im goin to get off here and let everyone read it.. lol.. i love you all so much...

love, tanner

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  1. Well Tanner I understand exactly what you mean. There comes a time in your life when you know exactly what you need to do. I believe you are on the right track with this Christmas stuff and I for one will be more than happy to put Christmas money in your savings account. Sounds to me like you have a plan and that is the first step to accomplishing your goals. Go for it!! We love you, Granny and Pop