Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well the internet at home is still out so I came to Barnes and Nobles so that I could check my work email. I've already been here a few hours now and, can you believe it, they don't have any places to plug in your computers in their Starbucks. The laptop eventually lost power so now I'm sitting in my car where I can still get WIFI and can also plug in.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet (rather than the long ramble that I did yesterday) since I need to get some food home to Tanner.

They placed his triple lumen lines yesterday and actually had a harder time than they ever had before. I told him it's probably because he's building scar tissue from all the times they've inserted and removed in the past few months.

Today they hooked him up to his chemo bag and he will carry it for four days. They have scheduled us to go back and see Dr. Barlogie on December 10th and then on December 11th we see Dr. Nicholas. Tanner is going to be beyond upset of Dr. Nicholas doesn't remove the long cast on the 11th. If all goes as it should, we should be home a week to ten days after seeing Dr. B.

He wanted to go to Olive Garden to eat yesterday so he could have a salad since he knows lettuce and fresh vegetables are out of the question after his system starts to decline. After eating - and out of the blue - he asked me what I planned to do with myself after he and Trevor move out. I told him with treatment and possible future surgery, I don'tsee him moving out any time during the next year. He told me he understood that but that it would be happening in the near future and that he was worried about my future and thought I should start "thinking about going out". I asked him if he had any suggestions for a 47 year old whose idea of a good time is a book at home. He told me maybe the bookstore - or Match.com.

He can be quite funny sometimes - though he's quite serious and I guess worries about me as I worry about him.

Anyway, I just got through skyping with my boss (while sitting in my car!) and it's getting late so I guess I should go and grab Tanner some food and head back to the aparatment.

They are supposed to send someone out to fix the internet tomorrow so I hope they will come when I can actually meet them there. I need the internet to be able to work. Barnes and Nobles is not condusive to actually being able to work - and print!


  1. Let's name your little pouch.... Let's see who can come up with the best name for her/him. It's a pain, it's annoying, it makes u sick to your stomach at times. It's like being pregnant not many guys have gotten to go through that. And ur only prgnant for four days! So it's a female. And it's not a very nice female. Hmmm Chemo Carmen. Or maybe prince the pouch. He's femine enough. Pain in the pouch! Or pouch of pain! (house of pain). I love y'all and I will keep brainstorming.

  2. I feel like Tanner....let's get this started so it can be over. You are very lucky to have a son like Tanner. He is concerned about you as he sits there having all those drugs pumped into his body that is going to make him deathly ill. What a guy!!! I love his positive attitude. And maybe you need to start thinnking of Angela and what you are going to do when the boys move out. I hope the internet gets fixed soon...that can be difficult.
    As for a name for your pouch, I will let Julie come up with that. She is good at coming up with catchy names and stuff.
    Will see you soon. We love you and wish many blessings for you both. Granny and Pop