Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's been another good day with Tanner feeling really well! It's so cold, he doesn't want to do anything after we get out of the clinic but go back to the apartment. He's been playing X-Box 360 for hours while I have been working.

His numbers came down a little, and will most likely be a little lower tomorrow since day 10 is when most patients usually bottom out. But regardless, he feels really good!!

We went to Aunt Tincey's house for dinner last night and she had pork loin, peas, baked sweet potatos, corn bread, fruit salad, and cucumber salad (which she made just for Tanner). Tanner had two full plates and extra bowls of cucumbers. I was afraid he was going to be sick from eating so much but he was fine and he enjoyed her home cooking!! It was nice being out of the apartment for a while - even though it was really cold outside!!

Tomorrow we go in for his labwork at 11:00 a.m., x-rays at 1:00 p.m., and then see Dr. Nicholas (the orthopedic surgeon) at 2:00 p.m. That cast better be coming off is all I can say! Tanner is counting on the long cast being removed and a short one being put in it's place. We are going to see if they can use goretex for the short cast so that it can get wet (which would make his life so much easier).

Can you imagine being in a long cast to your thigh for over five months? To have your leg in one position with the knee slightly bent month after month??

He's handled it so much better than I ever could - but at this point he really, really needs to be able to just move that leg. We are both going to be SO disappointed if the long cast has to remain any longer.

The appointment with Dr. B's office has been changed to Monday morning at 11:30. We are hoping that Tanner will be recovered enough to be released early next week. I feel sure we will be home by the end of the week, if not before.
We need to also ask the doctor about the "chemo acne" that Tanner has acquired. They have given him two rounds of antibiotics but the rash is getting worse rather than better - and is moving now down to his torso. He told Dr. B he'd better not make it through cancer to only come out the other side with acne. The doctor just laughed and assured Tanner that it's temporary --but it sure doesn't look very comfortable!!

We just don't know how long we will get to stay at home. Will Tanner be on maintenance so we can be home for at least three months, or are we looking at another consolidation and just another short break?? We won't know the answer to those questions until Monday.

At this point, the nurses and I both are just grateful he's back to his sweet funny self!


  1. Hey guys!! Glad to see Tanner has been feeling well, my Dad has been also although he says he shouldn't be, I am glad! Hoping that the cast comes off and maybe we can meet for dinner or something before you go home next week?? I have a blog also and was going to help my dad get a myeloma one started but without internet at our place it hasn't really happened yet. He just told me about yours! Great job :) Hope to see y'all soon- Stephanie and Bob Esposito

  2. Hey Stephanie, it was great hearing from you! I gave your dad my phone number (817-851-3672). Give me a call and maybe we can meet and have lunch or dinner some time this weekend or next week. I'm glad Bob is doing well this time around!