Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Well, I just read Tanner's post for today and I don't want you all to think "What in the world is he doing asking for money!"

He has been getting texts today asking what he wants for Christmas and he told me that since he broke his leg and was diagnosed with cancer the very day before he was offered a job, he has had no way to make and save any money.

It seems, like most teenagers, he's been dreaming of putting some money aside for the day he can leave home. As a mother, I know what most of you are thinking, it's not always as great and easy as these teenagers think it's going to be out on their own, but you know what, he doesn't have much to look forward to right now but day after day of treatment and probably surgery on his right leg when the left leg heals, so I think it's okay that he's trying to think of his future.

So please don't think too badly of him coming on here saying he wants money for Christmas. LOL!

He's in his second day of chemo treatment and the DEX (high dose steroids) are playing havoc on his system right now. His face is really flushed and he's not in the best of moods. He will continue to take all the meds and the chemo through Friday and then it will take a couple of days for the steroids to wear off. Then we wait for his system to bottom out this next week and then he will be on the road to recovery.

After that, we see Dr. B on December 10th and I hope we will find out if he has to have a second round of consolidation chemotherapy. He told me last night if he has to have a second round he's going to ask the doctor if he can just go ahead and take it right now. I told him his body has to recover a bit before he could go through chemo again and he said he wanted to tell him to give it to him as soon as possible. If he can take it again in two weeks instead of a month, then he just wants to get it done.

He also asked me how he was supposed to get a life and hold down a job if he has to come to Little Rock every three months for 2-3 days of testing. I told him we just need to get things stable and in remission and eventually he can find a doctor in Fort Worth or Dallas and can just be maintained at home. Eventually coming to Little Rock will only be once or twice a year.

He's only a seventeen year old boy who has had to deal with a devastating illness and wants to just be allowed to live a life of his choosing for a while...


  1. Not to worry mom....Tanner has a plan and he knows where he needs to go and what he needs to do to get there. I know his medications make him very hard to be around and that is why I am not there..ha I have never seen Tanner when he was anything but happy, agreeable and joking. Keep the faith and take care of yourself. Glad the internet and TV are back up and working. Know that was hard for you all...especially since you have to do your work thru the internet. God is taking care of all of us in His on way and in the end we will all say, "Oh, that is what He wanted us to do!" Love you guys, Granny and Pop

  2. Angie, Im always available to talk if you need to. even if its 2 in the morning. I will always make time for ya. If you want to talk to another mom that has gone through what you are going through i can get you in touch with my cousin her son has been a patient of St Judes for 11 years and has been cancer free for 9 of those years. He lost both eyes to cancer. So if you need someone that has gone through it just let me know. We are always here and if you need anything holler. If Trevor or his wife need help let us know and I will do my best. even if its babysitting for her.. love ya keep your head up