Monday, December 7, 2009

We started off the morning really well with Tanner in a great mood and laughing and talking with the nurses. He even wanted some breakfast while at the clinic so we got him some scrambled eggs and potatos.

We were ready to leave and I was loading his wheelchair in the back of my car when a vehicle stopped and I saw someone running up to me. It was Anastasia, a lady whose husband, Harris, started treatment at the same time Tanner did. She and her husband are from Greece so they haven't been back home since they came in July!! It was great seeing them!! I had been wondering how they were doing and hadn't seen them since we got back to Arkansas. She said Harris got sick last month with his chemo/stem cell so he's just starting his consolidation. I am so glad we had a chance to see them - and Harris looked great! They are only in their thirties and are some of the youngest people we have met going through treatment. We were all in the same orientation class when we first arrived in Little Rock and it just feels good to see him looking so well, and of course Anastasia is just as beautiful as ever!

Tanner has finished a school packet and since he was feeling so well, we thought we would stop at the post office and mail it off on the way home. All of a sudden, Tanner got really hot and pale and I took him back out to the car but he couldn't get out of the wheelchair right away. He said he needed to sit there for a minute and then he just got really sick. The poor man parked next to us had to wait at the end of his car and then tiptoe through everything to get to his door. Thankfully, he was really kind about it all.

We are back at the apartment and I am warming up some soup I made yesterday. Tanner is asleep in the recliner but every once in a while I can hear his stomach rumble and roll. I'm sure his system is bottoming out and we just never know from one day to the next how his stomach is going to do.

Last night some children from the Little Rock Church (they sponsor Home Away From Home where we rent our apartment) came by and sang some Christmas Carols and gave Tanner a basket full of Christmas goodies. They were so cute and Tanner and I both enjoyed their visit. One little girl gave Tanner a little paper Japanese fan and told him she made it specifically for him.

Tanner couldn't go outside to see and hear them because of his legs and the fact that it would be hard for him to get around, so we opened up the patio door and they all gathered around and sang three songs where he could sit in his recliner and watch them.
They were great and Tanner just smiled the whole time at all the kids.
It was very special for all the little children to come and sing to the cancer patients in the apartments and I know everyone must have enjoyed them as much as we did.


  1. That is so nice. The kids singing for u. I'm so sorry u are sick today. We r thinking about u. Much love

  2. Those kids smiling faces is sure a spirit uplifter. I know you all enjoyed their carols and their basket of goodies. Sorry you got sick this morning, but glad you are passed it. Probably happen several times until you are back up to snuff. Sure anxious to hear what Drs. Barlogie and Nichols has to say this week. Praying for a SHORT cast. SHORT SHORT SHORT
    We love you and God's blessings to you. Granny and Pop