Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well Christmas is over and I think Tanner has enjoyed all the time with family and friends.

He spent this weekend in Abilene visiting with his grandfather and I think is on the way home as we speak.

I received a call yesterday from the owner of the Burger Box in Kennedale who also has multiple myeloma. He said that one of the nurses in Little Rock was telling him about Tanner and how we live in the same town. He saw the story in the newspaper and asked me to give him a call and schedule a time so that we can get together and he can meet Tanner.

I told him that we have lived in Kennedale over twenty years and that I use to see him at the Burger Box all the time. He said he now just goes in occasionally but would like an opportunity to meet with Tanner.

He is on the maintenance program now and said the he sees a Dr. Dickey in Arlington who use to be an Associate of Dr. Barlogie's at M.D. Anderson. Tanner and I have discussed changing to an Oncologist who treats adults rather than pediatric patients once he goes on a maintenance program so I think I'm going to give this doctor a call after we get back from this next trip to Little Rock.

I've received several calls and cards from people who have read about Tanner and the break-in at the house. One of the coaches in Kennedale stopped by and talked to me earlier this week and says that he also would like to meet Tanner when he gets back in town.

A lady from Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington called me last week and asked if Tanner could come out and help them do the count down to New Years. When Tanner and I first talked about it, he was excited and ready to do it, but when he realized that the low that night was going to be in the twenties, he told me he didn't think he was quite ready to be out in that kind of weather.

She told me to keep her number and give her a call next season and they will treat Tanner and some of his friends to a day at the park.

The kindness of strangers continually surprises me.


  1. Hi Tannerboy. I had your picture up on my screen and Kayleigh saw it and immediately started talking about "Tanner" and "Tanner's house." I am so happy that you are on the road to a normal life once again. I pray everyday that your leg will heal and you will be walking and running around very soon. God does answer prayers. We love you, Granny and Pop

  2. Angela,
    I recently read your story in the Star Telegram & then began following your blog. I am writing on behalf of Tiny Sparrrow Foundation, created by Lidia Boicu, a professional photographer & breast cancer survivor. Since going through her own battle with cancer, Lidia wanted to reach out to others whose lives have been affected by serious illnesses. In an attempt to do so, she contacted the mother of a 5 year old with brain cancer & explained that she couldn't do much, but that she could provide them with her talent of photography. I was telling Lidia about Tanner & she asked me to contact you to see if you would like for her to come out & do photos of your family? This is completely free of charge to you, this is just her gift to you, to provide you with the gift of lasting memories! You will receive a CD of your photo shoot, with several edited images. As I said, there is no charge, this is just Lidia's dream to do good for others, being played out. You can view the photos she has done of Kate McRae, and Baby Chloe, whose own Mom died a few weeks after giving birth to her, as well as some other families that we have supported, at the foundation website If you feel like this is something you would be interested in, please contact me at We will continue to follow Tanner's story & keep him in our prayers.
    Amy Hudnall & Kelly Franz