Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm sitting in bed listening to the rain. I love Texas thunderstorms - especially if I'm at home cuddled up under a blanket!

Of course, I have wires running across the room and into bed with me since I can't keep the wireless connection but at least I have the laptop working at the house now. LOL!

I've been fairly sick the last couple of days with a sore throat, coughing, aches, and congestion. I would worry about passing it on to Tanner but I think he's the one who actually gave it to me since he's been coughing for over a week now. He just brought me in a bottle of Thera Flu and made me take a drink. I guess he's taking care of me now!

I've had several phone calls with the pharmacy regarding Tanner's Revlimid prescription. They are trying to get everything sorted out so that he can start his maintenance program but it seems like there's a lot to go through before you can get this prescription.

They had to get pre-authorization from Dr. Barlogie's office and now it has to go through clinical review at the insurance company. Of course, just going by the insurance company's record on what they've covered for Tanner during his treatment, I have no idea what they will decide. Then they will have to call Tanner and do a phone interview before they can dispense the drugs. It's just a much longer process than I anticipated.

Our case manager for the insurance called me today and was very nice and is trying to help us out as much as she can.

Come to find out this Revlimid prescription alone is over $9000 for a 25 day supply and our co-pay on these specialty medications is 30%. Needless to say, I don't know how I'm going to do this - but I'm trying not to stress and panic.

I'm going to email my phone nurse at Dr Barlogie's office tomorrow and see if they have any idea how long they "think" Tanner will be on this medication. It would be nice if I had some general idea of what we are looking at.

The case manager said that there are foundations that can assist with medication co-pays and she's requested that someone call to take my information and see if we will qualify.

I was talking to Tanner's grandmother about it this afternoon on the phone at work and I turned around and he had come in to my office in his wheelchair and heard me talking to Jane about the costs - and he was crying.

I just put my arms around him and told him not to worry that I was sure we could get some help from one of these foundations and that I didn't mean for him to hear what we were talking about. I hate for him to worry about the financial aspect of all of this. He has enough to endure.

He spent Tuesday night with Granny Jane and Pop Jerry and when he got to my office Wednesday afternoon, he found that Bruce and Alicia had decorated in celebration of his reaching full remission. They bought him lots of snacks to help him keep his energy up as he's trying to finish his last two school packets.

He is halfway through English and then will only have Algebra left before he will officially be a high school graduate!

I find it truly remarkable that on top of everything else he's been through the last seven months, he's managing to graduate in his "official" senior year - ahead of schedule!!

I am so very proud of him. He's one of the strongest people I've every met!!

Yea Tanner!

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