Sunday, January 24, 2010

I finally got the laptop hooked back up at the house so I wanted to post an update. It will have to be quick because I'm going to lunch and the movies with a friend but i thought there might be people checking to see what the news was when we saw Dr. B on Friday.

He said Tanner is in FULL REMISSION and is going to live a long life and will have to work; no excuses allowed!! I cried and Tanner and I both got long hugs (with lots of kisses on Tanner's bald head) from Dr. Barlogie.

When we got out to the lobby, the nurses and reception ladies (that were still there at 6:00 p.m.) all wanted to know what was wrong and I told them Dr. Barlogie said Tanner was going to live a long life!

After that we were all crying and hugging! Then Tanner and I got in the car and headed back to Fort Worth and arrived at home around midnight. Since then, I've barely seen him because he's had so many friends over. I guess he's making up for all the time he's been away with his mom and is just sharing the joy with his friends. I would say that's a good thing for a 17 year old boy to do!

I will update with more details about his treatment a little later but just wanted to be sure and share the good news at this point!!!


  1. Tanner---we are so very happy that your treatments are a success. ELATED would be
    a better word. Now go and be a teenager and start having a good time.
    We sure love you,
    Granny and Pop

  2. Angie you look so pretty in this picture