Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brrrr! It's cold!! Tanner is cuddled up in a blanket in the living room watching a movie on IFC. It's too cold to do too much tonight.

He has gone to my office with me the last couple of days to work on his school packets. My boss, Bruce, talked to him and made him see the importance of buckling down and getting his school finished. He has five packets to complete after which he should be able to graduate.

Bruce told him if he would come to the office with me at least three half days a week and focus on the packets, he should be able to graduate by the end of May (just like he would have done if he had been able to stay in regular school).

Tanner has really applied himself and finished his U.S. History packet in two days! Isn't that amazing? He finished a whole subject in just two days!! If he can keep up this rate, he should be able to graduate soon!

He was pretty tired by this evening and Bruce told him since he's worked so hard, he can have the day off tomorrow. LOL!

Healthwise he seems pretty stable right now. He has lost what little hair he did have and has a hard time handling these extremely low temperatures right now.

This morning when we were making our way through the parking garage, he threw a blanket over his head and told me he felt like he was "swimming through cold air".

I couldn't ask for Tanner to have a better attitude. He's just such a positive young man. Sometimes I still have rough days (like this past weekend) and Tanner ends up worrying about me when he's the one having to deal with this illness and all these treatments. He is so strong and I am so very proud of him.

Just think, in a matter of a few months, Tanner should be able to earn his high school diploma! Won't that be a proud day for him and his family?

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