Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tanner and I go in the morning to see his Primary Care Pediatrician. His Vitamin D level is low and the Orthopedic Surgeon in Little Rock wants him to take 50,000 units of Vitamin D twice a week for ten weeks hoping it will assist in the healing of his broken bone.

The Oncologist here in Fort Worth did the baseline test but doesn't seem to know how to prescribe the Vitamin D so I thought I would check and see if his Pediatrician would be able to prescribe some for Tanner. My niece, T.D. works for him so I sent her an email and she called to say that Dr. Daniels already had the prescription written and just needs Tanner to come by for a short office visit in the morning.

He came in to work with me for part of the day today and finished half of his Earth Science packet. If he finishes the other half of the packet tomorrow, he will have finished two packets by just coming to work with me a couple of days a week. At that rate, he should finish school before you know it!!

We head back to Little Rock next week and they will take off his cast on Tuesday and the tests will start on Wednesday. He will see Dr. B on Friday and, if all goes according to plan, they will set him up on his maintenance plan that can be performed here in Fort Worth.

Needless to say, the security system will be turned back on at the house and one of my cousins has agreed to stay here this time. Not that we have much more to lose at this point!!

Kayleigh had her second birthday party this past weekend and Tanner has gotten to see lots of his family and friends. I know he and I both are counting on everything to still look good when we go back to Arkansas and there be no need for anymore chemo - but then in the back of our minds there's still that little fear...

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