Sunday, January 17, 2010

The weekend has come and gone and now we are getting ready for Arkansas again. They will take the cast off on Tuesday afternoon and then the tests will start Wednesday and we'll see Dr. Nicholas and Dr. Barlogie on Friday.

I keep telling myself that it's just a few days of tests this time but then there's that little worry in the back of my mind. What if???

I'm sure it will be all good though and Tanner will be placed on a maintenance program.

I received a message from John (our friend that we met in Little Rock who had a reaction to one of his drugs) and he sounded so good and strong!! He said he's much better and has "turned the corner". I'm so very glad! Tanner and I have been so worried about him. He was so weak and skinny when we last saw him. He is still in Little Rock so I need to be sure and call him back and let him know when when we will be there. We are staying at The Guesthouse and I think it's very near the place where he and Lauren stay. We want to be sure and see him while we are in town.

I also received a message from Tom and Shirley and they are still at home in Oklahoma so I don't guess that we will get to see them this trip. They said that someone broke into one of their shops while they were in AR and stole one of their ATV's. It's just so disheartening that people take an opportunity to use your absence while you are undergoing treatment out of town to steal from you.

By this time, Harris should be on a maintenance program and he and Anastasia should be back at home in Greece. Tanner and Harris started their treatment at the same time and they are both moving on to the maintenance phase around the same time. I'm so glad that they have finally gotten a chance to go home since they've been in Little Rock since August.

We went to see Trevor and you could tell that they were so glad to see each other. Trevor worries about Tanner all the time and kept rubbing and kissing his bald head. It was a great visit and I know that it makes both boys feel better to have an opportunity to visit with each other. It helps Trevor just to be able to look at Tanner and see for himself that he's doing well.

Tanner is spending the night with his dad and Janet tonight so it's quiet here around the house. I'm trying to get clothes washed and everything ready so that we can head out bright and early Tuesday morning. Tomorrow will be a busy day at work while I make sure everything gets caught up before I head off.

My cousin will be staying at the house this time, so at least I have a little peace of mind on this trip. Though, like I said before, most anything of value has already been taken so I guess it's all good. LOL!

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