Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Well, we are back in Arkansas. I think that drive gets longer each time.

Tanner slept most of the way and only woke up when I stopped to get gas in Texarkana. When I got back on the highway he told me he was feeling sick. I gave him a gallon baggie and the next thing I knew, he was throwing up. I don't guess the Chipotle that we had for lunch before we left Fort Worth set well in his stomach. He has been having some problems with nausea since we got home so I guess it's something we will need to talk to the nurses about at the doctor's this week.

The apartment looked just like it did when we left except that there was a note on the door that a couple in the apartment building next to us was robbed at gunpoint and that we need to take extra precautions. They went on to say it's the first time something like that has happened at these apartments so I hope it's the last time.

Tomorrow, Tanner has a PET Scan at 7:00 a.m., then he goes to MIRT for labwork, then he has a bone marrow aspiration, and lastly will have a full body MRI. We will have a long day ahead of us so I'm going to come to a close for the night.

Back to the air mattress!

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  1. I sure hope your day went good. I know these tests can be a real pain the butt but praying that they will show you are 100% good to go and you can come home. KeeDp your spirits high and this too will pass. GOD will be with you all through all of this. HE promises.
    We love you very much.
    Granny and Pop