Sunday, October 25, 2009

I've talked with Tanner today and he said he thinks he's feeling a little better but is still pretty weak. He also said that his CRP is high - which indicates that he has some kind of infection going on. He's glad that they have caught it early this time before it get's too bad and he gets really sick.

They gave him an antibiotic IV at the hospital today and he has infusers connected to two of his triple lumen lines. One is magnesium and he said the other was a 24 hour anti-nausea medicine.

Janet made stew today and they took some over to Shirley and Tom who have an apartment across the road from the one we are renting. They are a very nice couple who have a farm in Oklahoma and they keep an eye on me and Tanner while we are there. It makes me feel better just knowing that they are close by in case we ever need anything. It's reassuring to just not feel so alone all the time while we are in Arkansas away from all of our family and friends.

We had the first day of our All Agent Meeting at the Marriott here in Fort Worth. The agents were all asking about Tanner and I was able to thank and tell many of them in person that we wouldn't have been able to rent the apartment and stay in Arkansas without all of their support and contributions. I truly don't know what we would have done without my employers stepping up and letting me work remotely and all the agents (and other family, friends, and stranger's) contribution's to Tanner's Medical Fund. I often find myself wondering what we would have done without all the help we have received. We are just so very gratefult for all the love and support.

Thank you all.

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