Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tanner still wasn't feeling well yesterday. When the labwork came back, they told us he needed two potassium infusers. They connected the first infuser before we left the hospital and gave us the second one to attach after the first completed running after about five hours. I hope it makes him feel better and maybe he will have a better day today.

When he got up yesterday morning, he was really flushed and light headed - and he said his heart felt like it was pounding out of his chest. While we were waiting at the hospital, his body kept heaving like he was going to throw up and I gave him the "nausea bag" provided by the hospital but all that was coming up was stomach acid. I know he was feeling really bad because he turned to me with that almost desperate look on his face and put his head on my shoulder.

As the day progressed, he seemed to feel a little better. It seems like the mornings are the worst.

His dad and Janet got there yesterday afternoon and are going to spend a few days with him. I came on back to Fort Worth for the weekend and will attend my work's All Agent Meeting. Getting in that car and driving away is so hard to do but Tanner kept assuring me that, though he would miss me (Hah! He knew his mother needed to hear that!) he would be fine and was looking forward to spending time with his dad and Janet.

I checked in with Tim last night and he said Tanner was better and that they had pizza for supper (he must have been feeling much better!) and that they had watched a movie.

Tanner text messaged me before bed and said that he was doing better and would let me know how today goes.

They said the chemo usually hits you the worst about 3-4 days after treatment but Tanner got pretty sick by the very next day. I hope he feels better this weekend and can enjoy spending some time with his dad and Janet. They brougtht board games so even if Tanner isn't up to going out, they should have some quality time together at the apartment.

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