Saturday, October 31, 2009

It started off well with our morning trip to 7C. Tanner was feeling so good the nurse thought for sure his numbers must be on the rise but when the labwork came back his white blood count and his plateletts had lowered some more. The nurse said that today was probably his bottom and he should start rising from here. She also said that he needs a platelett transfusion but since he has to be cross matched they didn't have them available for today and that it would probably be tomorrow or monday before it could be done. By then, maybe they will start coming up on their own.

I told her that Dr. B wanted Tanner to have an MRI of his spine area while his system was bottomed out but that no one had called us from MIRT's scheduling department. She checked and Tanner's appointment had been made and I guess they just forgot to call us with the time. By then, we only had five minutes to get over there so we had to rush on over to the MRI Department.

While Tanner was back having the scan, the nurse on 7C called my cell and said that the labwork had come back and Tanner's potassium and magnesium are still low so they wanted us to come back up to 7C again so they could hook him up to the infusers. When we went back, we were put in a room with John and were able to meet his sisters who arrived here yesterday. His family is taking turns taking care of John here in Little Rock and his wife in Virginia. Lauren is scheduled for a lumpectomy on Tuesday and they are feeling positive that everything will turn out well and she should only have to undergo about six weeks of spot radiation. It's hard on both of them to be apart while they are each dealing with their individual cancer treatments. I can only imagine what they are going through.

On the way back to the apartment, Tanner said that he thought he would like to have pizza for lunch. When I brought the pizza back to him, he took one bite and then threw up all in his plate. I had to run and get a trash can for him. He ended up just eating potato soup again. They quit giving him nausea medicine yesterday and I'm wondering if it isn't too soon. At the very least, I think he needs to be taking the stomach acid medicine at least twice a day instead of just at night before he goes to bed. I will talk to the Nurse Practioner about it tomorrow.

This evening, Tom from across the street came over and he and Shirley gave Tanner a gift card to On the Border for a Halloween Treat. That was so very nice of them!! Don't you know that when Tanner feels better he will enjoy going for some Tex-Mex!! I'm so glad they are neighbors at the apartments. It just makes me feel more secure to know they are nearby.

I guess it will be a quiet Halloween here in Little Rock. I've told everyone to send pictures of my grandkids and great-nieces and nephews so that I can see what they look like in their costumes tonight.

Tanner and I miss you all! Happy Halloween!!

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  1. next year tanner what will you be? Maybe spike from the gremlins?