Monday, October 19, 2009

We had a quiet Sunday at the apartment and I was able to work for six hours before Tanner even got out of bed. The only time we even got out was to go and pick up a pizza and some groceries. Tanner decided to do a little reading in front of Walmart. Doesn't he look relaxed? If you look closely, you will see that's a romance he's reading! LOL!! He borrowed Susan's book while they were here and "kicked back" in the wheelchair.

Shirley and Tom, (Shirley is having treatment at the MIRT also) arrived back at their apartment across the road from us yesterday. Tom came over to say hello and to check on Tanner. I must say it feels good to have them back. Tanner and I were feeling kind of lonely at the apartments with none of the other patients around us. I told Tom we didn't feel so alone now.

He asked if we had seen many familiar patients while we have been here this past week and we told him that we have only seen a few so far. I know some of the other couples we met when we were here before are supposed to be arriving this week so I think most of us are on similiar schedules. John and Lauren are supposed to arrive today and Tanner is already wanting to call them!

I'm glad he has made friends and is handling this all so well because I think he's got many years ahead of him with trips to Arkansas in his future!

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