Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We spent over four hours at the hospital today. Tanner is still pretty sick in the mornings and doesn't have much energy. They gave him another potassium infuser and also another of the 24 hour nausea medication infusers.

He couldn't get comfortable in his recliner at the hospital and was getting impatient while waiting on the infusers to be delivered so he got in his wheelchair and went to visit John over in one of the other rooms. John just had his stem cell transplant today so Tanner likes to tease him that when this all started John was a week ahead in treatment and now Tanner has moved a week ahead of him.

While we were out in the hall, we saw Harris and Anastasia (the young couple from Greece) and they said Harris is two days post his 2nd transplant. Then Tom and Shirley came up and it was like a reunion in the hallway. It's great seeing everyone - and John said that it looks like Lauren is only going to have a lumpectomy instead of a full mastectomy. That's great news!!

Tanner decided that he wanted mexican food again for lunch so I brought him back to the apartment and went to On the Border to pick up take out. Tanner ate about half of his enchiladas and said he couldn't eat anymore.

He still feels really weak this afternoon and doesn't even have the energy to work on his latch hook rug - or play his video games. In fact, I put in a movie for him to watch and when it was through he just started it again instead of getting up to put in another movie.

The lady who rents us the apartment called today to find out how much longer we are going to be here. She said there is a waiting list of people who are looking for places to stay. I can only imagine how many multiple myeloma patients must arrive here in Little Rock every day. I told her that we see Dr. B on Friday so I should be able to give her an idea of how much longer we will need the apartment after we talk to him. I don't know how long the next break will be before Tanner's consolidation chemo. We hear from the other patients that it could be anywhere from six weeks to three months. I guess we'll know more after we see the doctor Friday.

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  1. Hi Tannerboy. Hang in there. I know it is tough and I can only imagine what you must go through every day. I also know what great character you have and your endurance is astonishing. So is your mom's....she is one tough cookie. I will see you guys real soon and hopefully you won't get tired of me being around a while. I anxiously await to hear what Doctor Barlogie has to say tomorrow. Just remember GOD will be there with you all 100% of the time. HE will lead you through this and you will get well. GOD IS WHO HE SAYS HE IS..GOD CAN DO WHAT HE SAYS HE CAN DO..WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST..GOD'S WORD IS ALIVE AND ACTIVE....BELIEVE IT. We love you and GOD loves you. Granny and Pop