Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I made it back to Little Rock around 2:30 this afternoon and Tanner seems to be feeling better. He was actually working on a latch hook rug! LOL!! His dad and Janet bought board games, car models, and latch hook crafts and I take it Tanner has been keeping busy. Unfortunately (much to my friend Donna's consternation) I don't play games so I'm sure he really enjoyed their visit. He said he feels sure he can interest me in helping him with the rug he's working on and that I can help him finish it. I told him just wait until the nurses at the hospital see what he's working on!

He's officially neutropenic now so he will have to start wearing the mask when he's out in public. Even though his system has bottomed out, he is feeling better than he did those first days post chemo.

We go up to 7C for a 10 a.m. appointment tomorrow so I will get caught up on how he's doing. He said that he started showing symptoms of pneumonia again so they have him doing his breathing exercises throughout the day.

He sent me out to get the new Ice Age movie when I arrived today and we've already watched it. He's on the couch playing his X-box right now and I'm exhausted so I think I will call it a night and crawl into the air mattress.

I'm releived to see that he's feeling better!

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  1. Oh Tannerboy, what a jewel you are. You will look back at this rug many times and you will feel many emotions in doing so. Man I didn't know you were so talented. Can't wait to see it. Glad your mom got there safely and pray that your dad and Janet arrived home safely as well. We had a really nice sunny day here today...however, supposed to rain again Wednesday night and Thursday. Golly gee...never seen so much rain at one time. I am glad you are feeling better and now on an uphill swing. We are all so hoping you will be home again real soon.... You take care of yourself and I will see you soon. We love you tons and tons. We send God's blessings to you and Angela. Granny and Pop