Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tanner had a really good day yesterday but is feeling pretty wiped out today.

We went to the hospital at 9:00 a.m. this morning only to be told that his stem cell transplant had been delayed from this morning to tomorrow morning because our doctor had not sent in the orders. I told the nurse that they had told me yesterday that they didn't want Tanner to go two days between his medications and the stem cell transplant and she just said the stem cell doctor said it would be okay. I told her the fact that they had told me yesterday that it would be on Tuesday instead of Wednesday because they didn't want him to go two days in between chemo meds and the transplant, and now are telling me that it was no big deal, did not foster a sense of confidence in me.

He had a really good day yesterday and we even washed his hair (or what's left of it). He can get absolutely no water on the dressing at his neck so he lies on his bed and hangs his head over the side and I put a tub on the floor. I support his head with one hand and wash with the other and use a squirt bottle to wet and rinse his head.

A lot more of his hair came out while we were washing and drying. He really wishes the rest of it would come on out. He doesn't like the "blotchy" look.

Today he has been nauseated (but no vomiting) and hasn't had any energy at all. He told me he's really tired of feeling this way and I told him to just hang in there for the next two weeks and he should have pulled out of it by then.

The PA told me today that he WILL get sores in his throat and mouth and hopefully, since he's so young and "healthy", he will have a milder case. She said that the sores should be the worse part of what is still in front of him before he recovers from this round of treatment.

He has asked me to thank Aunt Traci and Uncle Rick for the gift cards that he got today and he promises to take his mom out to eat when he's feeling a little better.

He also told me to tell Kirk that now that he is bald and looks older, he will be counting on going to a bar with him when he get's back home (LOL- inside joke).


  1. Hi Tannerboy. You look so much like your dad with that hat on. He wore one of those for so long (day and night) when he was younger that I almost forgot what he looked like without it. You are getting closer to hitting a final day there!! Those people there are going to miss you - you can tell you light up their day just by looking at their faces. I am so very happy that you haven't been real naucious. That is a plus. I am anxious to see you all Saturday. Keep your spirits up and think positive thoughts. "God stretches our patience to enlarge our soul." We love you so very much and prayers are in abundance for you from all over the United States. You are special. Granny and Pop

  2. Hi Tanner and Angie:

    It's so nice to get online first thing in the morning and see how your days went. Thanks for writing everyday and keeping us informed. Your probably going to the hospital to start your stem cell today. Sounds like it's not suppose to be bad. Will be thinking of you today.

    Love you both,

  3. hi :) When ur washing his hair if u open a trash bag and poke oneside under his neck ( to where the bag is open below his head)it will catch all the water as u poor it over his head. much love sorry about the mouth soars