Sunday, September 13, 2009

Things are still looking good! Tanner's white blood count went from 2.25 yesterday to 5.83 today and his platelets have come up to 30 (nearing that magic number of 50)!! The fact this his white blood count has been over a 2 for two days means that he doesn't have to have any more growth factor shots in his stomach - which in turn means that his platelets should start coming up at an even greater rate!!

His blood pressure dropped really low when he stood today at the lab so they had to give him another bag of fluids. I need to start trying to get him to drink more - even though he tells me nothing tastes the same.

Yesterday when we came back from the hospital and were getting ready to go and meet my aunt at On the Border, we came by the apartment to put his infuser of potassium in the refrigerator. We decided since we were just going to go right in and out of the apartment, Tanner would just use his crutches instead of the wheelchair. By the time he got from my car to the door of the apartment, he was really weak and light headed. It was an eye opener for me that even though he is doing so much better, he still has a ways to go.

The orthopedic surgeon has told Tanner to use the wheelchair as much as possible to help protect the right femur from breaking (since it is the biggest lesion he has and there is very little good bone left in that area) so he has been using the wheelchair pretty much all the time for over a month. It's like a catch 22; he needs to use the wheelchair to protect the bone in his right leg but he's gotten even weaker from not standing and moving around at all.

It makes me worried about how he will do when we get back home. Granny Jane has offered for him to come to her house but he just so very much wants to be at his own home. He tells me that he will be okay at the house by himself while I go to work but I'm worried about him falling while he is there alone. Bruce has said he can come to work with me, but he also needs a comfortable place to rest during the day.

I feel that maybe Tanner needs to use the crutches more while we are in our house, but then we need to also protect his right leg as much as possible to allow the lesion on the right femur to heal. I guess I will just ask Dr. Barlogie Tuesday what he thinks and we will take it from there.

Tanner is staring over my shoulder waiting on me to get through with the computer so he can go online, so I guess I will come to a close for today. It's a rainy Sunday afternoon here in Little Rock and I had to set my alarm for 3:00 a.m. to change Tanner's infuser and it took hours to go back to sleep so I think a nap is called for...

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  1. I am glad Tanner has the desire to get going and the knowledge that he will have to take it slowly at first. It is hard to imagine being 17 and having to be in a wheelchair. I know there are many people in this world that are in wheelchairs all of their lives so I am thankful that this is a temporary situation for Tanner. We can always work out something where he can be home at least most of the don't let him fret. We love you two.....Granny and Pop