Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tanner had a really good day today with no nausea or exhaustion - but the nurse said he's very neutropenic now so he has to wear the mask when he is going to be around other people. This is to be expected and we know he has to bottom out and climb back up before he can truly be on the road to recovery.

His platelet count has also dropped a lot so tomorrow when we go for his labwork and the growth factor shot, they will have to give him extra drips. They told us to be prepared to be there for a few hours.

We have made friends with this couple by the name of John and Lauren and when they put us in a room to wait on the results of Tanner's labwork, he told the nurse he wanted to go over to their room to say something to them and she told him that would be fine. The next thing I knew, Tanner was back telling me to follow him and we ended up waiting in their room.

When Tanner left their room for a few minutes to go and get a mask, I told them that if we were interrupting, or if John wanted to rest, I could take Tanner back to the room he had been assigned to and they told me no and went on to say how much they were enjoying visiting with him and how very personable he was.

He spends so much time with just me, that when we go to the hospital, he really enjoys getting to talk to some of the other patients.

His Granny Jane has come up to Arkansas to spend a few days with us and Tanner immediately wanted to go to On The Border for mexican food. We had dinner on the patio (so Tanner could be outside away from all the other people since he doens't have an immune system right now) and it was really pleasant outside.

He's already settled into the recliner and has just put in "Gods and Generals" to watch on TV so I think we are settled in for the night.
By the way, it's candy wrapped in front of Tanner's teeth in the pictures...

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  1. Hi, Tanner and Angie and Jane-----Had Tami, Keith, and kids here this weekend---it was good to see them as they live on the other side of traffic----we are always anxious to see how your day went---you are in our hearts. You will always be a special kid to us as you come out of this---You always have a sweet face and I know you would probably like to be frowning. Smiles always are uplifting---I love you, Aunt Judy and Big Granny