Monday, September 14, 2009

Sorry, I'm running a little late on the update today. We just got in from dinner (On the Border - LOL!) with my boss Bruce and his wife Cheryl who are here in Little Rock for a couple of days. It was wonderful seeing them and we had a great time! Bruce told Tanner that he would take him to see a Cowboy game at the new stadium when we get back home. He can't wait!!

Tanner's platelet count is a 36 today and the PA says she feels pretty sure that he will be over 50 tomorrow. Since he hasn't had a growth factor shot in a couple of days, they say he should have a big jump in the count overnight. I sure hope so because he is counting on going home!!

We go in at 11 in the morning to have labwork and then we will go see Dr. Barlogie at 1:30 p.m. and should know by then what his numbers are. If he's reached or surpassed the magic number of 50, they will make Tanner an appointment to get his triple lumen line removed (they won't let him go home with lines in his jugular). Usually they can make the appointment for his lines in the same day so Tanner is really counting on getting everything done tomorrow.

I told him by the time we get all of this done (if we CAN get it all done tomorrow) it will be late by the time we are through and that we should wait until Wednesday morning to drive back to Fort Worth. The last time I left late in the evening, it was a pretty exhausting drive with headlights all blurring together to the point that I thought I was just going to have to pull over somewhere and take a nap. I had to call my cousin and talk on the phone to just keep myself awake to finish the drive. I told myself then that I wouldn't make the drive at night anymore.

Tom, another caregiver who's wife Shirley is also undergoing treatment at UAMS, came over to the apartment this afternoon and gave Tanner a card with some spending money in it for him to use for himself when he gets back to Fort Worth. We have met some really wonderful people while we have been here and I know that we will never forget them!

I hope that we get to see some of them again when we come back from break. We are so ready to go home but will truly miss our new friends that we have made during this phase of Tanner's journey.

So... I'll update tomorrow as soon as we know what the plans are but we are counting on coming home!!!

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  1. WOW nothing but good news! That is what I like to hear :) Can't wait to see ya'll!!!