Friday, September 11, 2009

It's been a fairly quiet day. Only three hours spent at the hospital today. That's a short day!

Tanner's white blood count went from .15 yesterday to .52 today and his platelets are 28. I'm sure the platelet count will fluctuate until his WBC reaches 2 for two days and they can quit giving him the growth factor shot. The nurse said with him being so young and having reached nine days post transplant, the WBC numbers could make some dramatic jumps at this point. His blood pressure was low so they gave him a bag of fluids. His CRP number is coming down so it seems like the IV antibiotics they are giving him every day must be working on his inflamation. So, all in all he's doing well and is headed in the right direction.

We were talking about going to the movies this afternoon but he has a headache that he can't quite shake so he's bundled up on the couch right now after taking some Darvon. Hopefully they will kick in pretty soon and he will start feeling better.

I warmed up some of the vegetable beef soup that I made the other day and we had it for lunch before we went to the hospital. That's been five hours ago and Tanner still says he's not hungry so he must not feel well! His appetite is one thing that hasn't been much affected by all these treatments.

I think our Aunt Tincey who lives here in Benton is going to try and come and see us some time this weekend. With Tanner's WBC so low right now, the doctor doesn't want him around small children so we haven't been able to go to her house to see her, Julie (my cousin), and her grandkids. It will be nice to get to see her again before we head home for our break.

Maybe if Tanner's feeling up to it, we can take in a movie later this weekend. Until his WBC rises, he would have to wear a mask so I guess we will just see how it goes. When he's having a good day, he just gets anxious to get out and do something and I have to remind him that he still doesn't have an immune system. In the meantime, I guess I'll go and rent something for us to watch tonight.

Every teenager's dream Friday night. Watching videos with his mom!

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  1. Thats great news about the #'s going up. You both have done an outstanding job thru all of this. We cant wait to see you both. Love and miss you bunches!

    P.S. I'm sure Tanner does not mind a Friday night with his mom :)