Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's been a long - long day at the hospital. Tanner's very neutropenic and his platelets and white blood count is really low so they have been giving him lots of drips today. We are still at the hospital and it's been five hours so far.

I don't know why it is so tiring sitting at the hospital but I've found that being here for hours on end is just exhausting. It's somehow very different than sitting five hours at the apartment.

He's pretty weak but all in all still fairly good. The nurse told us that with his platelet count being so low, he really needs to take it easy and not do anything that might make him bleed. Even when brushing his teeth he needs to be careful not to brush hard enough for the gums to start bleeding.

We are all starving and went down to the hospital cafeteria to see what they had to eat and let me just say that we have decided that the hospital cafeteria is not the place to acquire food on a Sunday afternoon.

I think they are about to let us go so I will wrap up for now and we are going to find some food to pick up and take to the apartment.

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