Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tanner woke up feeling good today. We didn't have to set an alarm and go to the hospital first thing in the morning but instead got to go in at 1:00 p.m. Since he went to bed last night at 9:00 p.m. he didn't sleep too late, but rather was up by 8:00 a.m. and was able to eat and take his time getting ready. Today they did his labwork and gave him a growth factor shot and said so far everything looks the way it should.

His white cell count is on the way down and has gone from an 11 yesterday to a 4 today. He will most likely be neutropenic tomorrow and will have to start wearing the mask again - though you wouldn't know that by looking at him.

He is feeling pretty good and by the time we left the hospital, he was really hungry. He decided that he wanted to use the Olive Garden gift card his Aunt Traci and Uncle Rick sent him and boy did that kid eat! He even had a dessert!! I told him he was the only one I knew who would probably come through cancer treatment having gained weight! He can afford to put on some weigh though. Before all of this started, he weighed 165 pounds and this morning he weighed 145 so I guess he can have all the desserts he wants.

He was pretty worn out by the time we got through eating and is now ensconced on the couch. I have a feeling that is where he is going to finish out the day.

We saw John and Loren, friends we have made while we have been here in Little Rock. John is seven days post transplant and he said today has been his worse day so far and that he just feels completely exhausted.

I know that Tanner is feeling really good right now, but I keep worrying that he might have some bad days in front of him. Then again, he is so young and "healthy" maybe he will breeze through his remaining days of recovery. A mom can only hope so!

Tanner asked the nurse how long he has to continue to take the growth factor shots and she told him that depended on how long he stays neutropenic. At this point the shots will help him produce the white cells needed to assist bringing him out of neutropenia once he bottoms out.

So far, Tanner has done really well recovering from this round of chemo and the stem cell transplant. Hopefully he will have a good weekend!

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