Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tanner had his stem cell transplant today.

The transplant itself wasn't much. They just hung a small bag of his own stem cells and let it run into his body. The PA had to stand in the room and monitor the transplant - which in itself took less than ten minutes. We were at the hospital all together over five hours today.

There was a chemical kind of smell from the preservatives added to the stem cells. The nurses and PA kept telling us that it would smell like creamed corn. I can't say that I thought it smelled like corn but you could definitely smell some kind of chemicals. She said his body and breath would permeate the smell for a couple of days. They gave him lollipops to suck on during the drip because they said he would have a "funky" taste in his mouth.

Other than feeling really tired and nausteated, he hasn't been very sick this time around - at least not to the point of vomiting. This is a little surprising since this was a much more agressive round of chemo than the first time (when he got really sick). I think the doctor must have really changed up his medicine to to try and avoid the vomiting he had before.

He told me he felt sores in his mouth last night but said they were much better today. I don't know if that's going to be the extent of the sores - or if it's just wishful thinking on our parts. It would be so very nice if he doesn't get a bad case of the sores in his mouth and throat.

He doesn't have much energy at all and after just a little activity, he's wiped out. He's in pretty good spirits - though if looks had a punch he could have knocked me flat a few times. LOL! A little too much togetherness with his mom sometimes I think. He's not feeling well and there I am, hovering over him asking how he feels and trying to get him to drink. Sometimes he just snaps, though I can tell that for the most part, he really tries to control that.

I know that patients usually take out their frustrations on their caretaker so I don't let it get to me and, all in all, we are doing really well.

He didn't feel like stopping on the way back to the apartment and we came straight home so I need to go and see what he wants to eat (See? Hovering again) but I wanted to go ahead and update the blog since everyone knew the transplant was today.

Once again, thank everyone for your prayers, love and support. We love and miss you all!


  1. We are glad to hear that the transplant went well and that he still isn't feeling to bad. The caretaker often does catch the raft.We are all still praying for both of you.Hope to see you soon!Things have been busy but tell him we haven't forgot about him. We are still sending him a few little treats for all his hard work and determination.

  2. Yumm Yumm, creamed corn! Tanner, sounds like you have done amazingly well through all of this and we're so proud of you. Glad the stem cell transplant wasn't too hard. We'll be thinking of you today and hope to get to see you both soon.
    Love you both,

  3. I am so glad that we are to this point. I am praying hard that you all will get to come home really really soon. We love you both very much. Granny and Pop