Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tanner isn't neutropenic anymore! His white blood count has risen above a 2!! Yea!!! This means he has an immune system and can take the mask off and be around other people again. We met my Aunt Tincey, Julie, Aulstin, and Sarah Catherine for mexican food at On the Border (where else?) to celebrate.

Now, once his white blood count stays above a 2 for two days, they can stop the growth factor shots and his platelet count will start to rise. I don't know how long it will take to reach 50 (the magic number that signifies when Tanner can go home) but I figure we should be able to leave by mid to late week next week. From what the doctor said, we will be able to go home for three to four weeks for a much needed break. When I asked the doctor what happens when we come back to Arkansas after the break, he told me we would talk about it at our appointment next Tuesday afternoon.

No matter what comes next, Tanner really needs this break and the chance to come back to Fort Worth for a while. He is looking forward to seeing his friends and family and has resigned himself to the fact that he won't be able to drive yet (mom had to be the bad guy about driving but after a while to think about it, he tells me he understands). His dad's job has made it impossible for them to come back to Arkansas the last few weeks so I know that he and Janet are very anxious for Tanner to get back to Texas.

One of the other patients told us that Sam Walton (the founder of WalMart) had Multiple Myeloma and underwent treatment in Houston where he met Dr. Barlogie and is the one who talked him into coming to Little Rock and helped fund this treatment and research facility.

The staff here at the Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy and UAMS have been so courteous and caring to Tanner and he has received the best of care. Everyone from the valets, to the nurses, to the doctors have been so kind. We walk through the halls and every day the staff takes the time to stop and ask Tanner how he's doing and spend a few minutes talking with him. I truly don't think I've ever experienced a more caring staff than the one they have assembled here at UAMS. We really couldn't have asked for better care than Tanner has received in Little Rock!


  1. This is great news-----we got your news just now, Granny is in bed and I told her the good news----we are jumping up and down on her bed---in thoughts only of course----we will sleep well tonight with you two in mind---Blessings----Aunt Judy and Big Granny

  2. Looking forward to you all coming home for a while. I know how anxious you are... praying for those platelets to come on up. Can't you just imagine Judy and Big Granny jumping up and down on the bed....what a sight that would be.. We are all jumping for joy and sending many many blessings your way. Our love and our thanks to our Lord, Granny and Pop