Monday, February 22, 2010

Granny Jane has taken Tanner to his Oncologist appointment again today. This is three Mondays in a row that she has taken him which has been a wonderful help! Without her, I would have to take off at least half a day (if not longer) each Monday. It's been very nice of her to help out!

His face, chest, and back are breaking out and we think it's from the Revlimid since one of the side effects is acne. He's taken it for 21 days now so he gets to "rest" from it for the next seven days so it will be good that he doesn't have to take it this week.

Tanner and I leave for my work trip to the Riviera Maya tomorrow and it couldn't come soon enough since it's suppose to snow again in the morning. This is Texas! What's up with all the snow?? I just hope it doesn't delay our flight getting out of here.

My nephew in law is re-doing my bathroom for us while we are out of town so it will be nice having someone at the house so I don't have to worry (too much) while we are out of town.

Now that the trip is actually right here upon us, Tanner is so excited!! I purchased him a water tight cast cover so that he can be in the water up to 45 minutes at a time. He tried it in the bubble bath and said it works. LOL! The resort has three pools so he can lounge in the sun (with plenty of sun screen) and get in and out of the water.

One of his doctors actually thinks that water therpay would be good for him so maybe he can have fun and strengthen his leg at the same time.

He's looking forward to the all you can eat! Sometimes he's like a bottomless pit!!

They also have these beautiful canopy beds along the beach and he tells me he plans to take his IPOD and just watch the ocean.

I know that he won't be able to do everything he would normally get to do since he's still in the full leg cast, but I hope he has a wonderful time.

After the last several months, he deserves a vacation of his dreams!
They have wireless internet there at the resort so I'll be sure and try to update so you can check out his fun first hand...

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