Monday, February 8, 2010

The funding came through on Tanner’s Revlimid so he’s been taking his medication for the last week. So far we’ve seen no side effects - which is a relief.

Granny Jane and Pop Jerry took him to Cook’s today for his Maintenance Chemo and they were only there a little over two hours. That was much better than the 5-1/2 hours that it took last week.

It was very nice of them to help with the appointment so that I could stay at work today. I appreciate the help very much!

Tanner is working on his algebra packet after which he should be through with high school!! Yea!!

We’ve saved the worst class till last and I will be of very little help to him. I haven’t used algebra in the thirty years since I’ve been out of school (and math was my worst subject) so I don’t remember it at all. Hopefully the people I work with will be able to help him if he needs any assistance and he can get this last class behind him.

I’m sure it will be all good. I’m so proud of him for buckling down and getting all of his work done!

We’ve been talking about him continuing to come to work with me and taking some online college courses. I don’t want him just hanging out at the house and with his leg still in the cast; it would be hard for him to find any kind of employment at this time. I think some college courses are the way to go! No need to waste any time. LOL!!

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  1. We were very happy to do it. Anytime you need me let me know. That Dr. Davis again told us all the side affects his meds can cause.....two pages of them. I am thinking positive about all this....
    Yes, just one more subject and Tanner's is a high school grad......whoo hooo!!! Way to go Tannerboy. We are very proud of you. And yes, a great idea to continue on with some college courses. Maybe get his basics done then he can decide what field he wants to go into. And sorry to say, Algebra isn't anything I even remotely remember. However, I believe his Uncle Troy was a whiz at this.
    I know Goodwill hires handicap people. He may be able to work part time at one of their locations. Just a thought. May be too early yet since that leg bone hasn't healed.
    Things are definitely looking up.
    We love you guys,
    Granny and Pop