Wednesday, February 10, 2010


He came into work with me this morning and by 3:00 p.m., he had algebra finished. Now I just have to mail in this last packet and wait on his High School Diploma!!

We are really going to have to celebrate. I am more than proud of him.

Cancer, chemo, stem cell transplant, maintenance, high school graduate...

Way to go Tanner!!


  1. Tannerboy, I just cannot find the words to express how proud of you we are and so very happy for you. We have seen the struggles, the pain, the long dreary days you have had to endure, the ups and downs, the unknown, the anxieties, but most of all we saw you - your courage, your good attitude, your determination, your faith, your never ending love ---- God certainly sent us an angel when he sent us you. We love you so much and you are such an inspiration to us all. May God bless you now and always. We love you.
    Granny and Pop

  2. Congratulations Tanner! It’s hard to image anyone including yourself could be more excited than your mom is about you getting your high school diploma. She is so proud of you and has very good reason to be. You definitely have accomplished a lot this past year and have plenty of reason to celebrate. I know God works in ways we don’t always understand but it looks like a lot of good is happening from all of this. I know you had to grow up fast in the last few months and experience things that most people will hopefully never have to experience. I just hope if I do or anyone I know has to they can do it with the same strength and courage you had. Remember God loves and watches over you always. Love, Cathy