Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well, we are back in Arkansas for three days of testing. I went to eat mexican food with Kirk last night and ended up with food poisoning so it's been a really long day.

I'm just going to post the most pertinent aspects of out trip and will update again tomorrow while at the hospital waiting on Tanner when he's going through all of his tests.

We had a wonderful time and that full leg cast didn't slow down Tanner much at all. He used a waterproof cast cover and went swimming and snorkeled down the senote twice!

One of my agents had his teenage daughters on the trip and Tanner made friends right away. I actually saw very little of him during the day until dinner time rolled around. It was all good, and I was glad he was having so much fun.

On the last night, we had an award's banquet where the agent's all received their bonuses for the year and at the end Pat called up the "PIE Person of the Year" and it was Tanner. They put a graduation hat on him and surprised him with his diploma!

He had no idea that I had received it, and rather than just hand it to him from the mail, we decided to make it a special occassion in Mexico. It went off without a hitch and he was so surprised and excited!!

It was the trip of a lifetime and I'm so glad I got to look at it through Tanner's eyes!!

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