Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tanner has been complaining of his back hurting ever since he's gotten back from camping. I told him it was probably from sleeping on the ground for a couple of nights but now it's been several days and it's still hurting him considerably.

He said that it's hurting mostly on the left side around the site where they've done all the bone marrow aspirations. He has a large lesion on his right femur and the only time that they took the aspiration from the right side, it hurt so bady he cried. Since then, they've done the biopsies all on the left side. A few nights ago, he showed me the spot and there's a small sore and a knot.

Yesterday he told me he has a rash on his legs and I told him maybe he had gotten a heat rash from camping. But then last night, he was showing me again where his back hurts and now there's a rash around the bone marrow aspiration site.

For most of the weekend, he's just layed in bed using a heating pad and I'm concerned about the lasting pain and now the rash.

Tomorrow morning he goes for his weekly maintenance chemo so we are going to ask the oncologist here in Fort Worth what he thinks, but I'm also going to take a picture of the site and email it to Dr. Barlogie's nurse first thing in the morning.

I know that when our friend John started having all of his complications, it happened after he went home and first appeared with a rash and it all stemmed from a reaction to his chemo medications. The doctors in his home town kept trying to treat the rash and by the time he let Arkansas know and got back to Little Rock, he was very sick.

I'm just not willing to take any chances and am going to see what they have to say at MIRT tomorrow.

It's probably something minor, but I'm going to turn to the expert and see what they have to say.

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