Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let me start by saying that it looks like everything is moving in the right direction for Tanner's recovery.

It was a long day on Friday with us being at Dr. Nicholas' office over four hours and then at MIRT over three hours. We didn't even see Dr. Barlogie but instead saw Dr. Naier. It was an exhausting day and we ended up not leaving the doctor's office until 8:00 p.m. on Friday night for that 5-1/2 hour drive back to Fort Worth.

If it hadn't been for the fact that we had committed to Six Flags Over Texas that Tanner would be the guest of honor to open the park on Saturday, we would have just spent another night in Arkansas but instead we headed home straight from the doctor's office and made it home safe and sound around 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

According to the PET and MRI reports, it looks like all of Tanner's lesions are showing minimal to moderate improvement. Dr. Naier said that because he has so many lesions, we just have to keep doing the re-staging tests to continue to track their healing but that everything is moving in the direction we want and it's just going to take some time for all of the lesions to heal.

Dr. Nicholas said that the site of the break on the left tibia is beginnning to build some callous and that when we come back in a couple of months, they should be able to either take the cast off or put on a short cast.

Since that will be right around a year with Tanner in a cast, that is very good news!

We went to Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington on Saturday and Tanner was the guest of honor and helped open up the park. It was a wonderful day and the people at Six Flags made sure that it was a special time for Tanner.

They layed out a red carpet and the Looney Tunes characters and park staff all greeted Tanner. They gave him a gift basket full of goodies and made him "Mayor of Six Flags" for a day. He and our group of family and friends had a private dance lesson with "Mr. Six" and for a while, Tanner was able to put all the worries about his treatment behind him and just have fun at an amusement park and simply enjoy the thrill of the rides.

He picked up a respiratory infection while we were in Arkansas and, being the kind sharing son that he is, gave it to his mother so it's been a long few days and I'm just worn out. I think it's time for some Nyquil and bed so that we will be ready for another Monday starting with maintenance chemo first thing in the morning.

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  1. We are so happy that your tests show you are progressing towards having a complete recovery. We know it has been a long and difficult journey, but also we know you are really truly blessed. One of God's chosen. What a great thing Six Flags provided for at the park with your friends and family. There are just a whole lot of really good people in this world and if we remember to concentrate on that instead of any negatives, our lives will be so enriched. We love you Tannerboy. Your Graduation celebration will be Fantastic!!! And then in April you will be 18....So many good things coming your way. We are really proud of you....all ourlove,
    Granny and Pop