Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well, at least I selpt from 10:30 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. My friend, Donna Thomas, came to work today and brought me Melatonin which I took before bed, but my sleep was still really restless and here I am again very early in the morning. It seems I sleep well for a while but then I wake up and once awake, I can't shut my mind down. I gave it an hour of being totally awake and tossing and turning and then I just gave up and got out of bed.

Tanner seemed to have had a good day yesterday. Our cousin Jackie came over and played video games with him most of the day. Our weekend is full of plans from Friday to Sunday so last night he asked what we were going to do Thursday night. You know teenagers, they want to do something all the time!

I talked to John Regan yesterday and he said he's doing really well and will get to go back home this Saturday. He said this round of stem cell transplant / chemo was much easier on him than the first time. He's anxious to get home to his wife, Lauren. It's been very hard on both of them to be apart while the other has been undergoing their individual cancer treatments.

He thinks that he and Tanner will both be back in Arkansas, for at least a little while, at the same time again. He said he probably won't be back until nearly mid December and that he's resigned himself to the fact that he will be spending Christmas in Little Rock. I'm glad Tanner should be home for the holidays!

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