Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's been a time of visiting with the family. We went and had chili with my cousins on Friday, saw Trevor on Saturday, and went to our cousin Kathy's birthday on Sunday. Last night Uncle Terry, Aunty Cathy, Myles, Kelsey, Beckett and my niece T.D. and her family all came over for hot dogs.

Today, Tanner is going to work with me and we will go and see the Oncologist at Cooks at 10:30a.m. I am going to talk to him about writing a letter stating why he referred Tanner for treatment in Arkansas so I can send it to the insurance company when making my appeal. After the appointment we will meet Granny Jane and Tanner is going to go and spend a couple of days with her and Pop Jerry. They are really looking forward to spending some time with him and I'm sure Granny is anxious to shower some love (and food) on her Tannerboy.

I'm still not sleeping very well. I'm taking the Melatonin that my friend brought me but so far it hasn't seemed to help much. The only thing that seems to knock me out for 7-8 hours is Tylenol P.M. and how often do you take that? I hate to take it every night.

I'm just feeling a little adrift right now and need to find my footing again.

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